City Credit Capital US $50,000 competition goes live

From: City Credit Capital
Published: Fri Nov 03 2006

City Credit Capital today officially launched its City Trader online trading competition, which carries a mouth watering US $50,000 in prize money.

The competition is aimed at brokers and both intermediate and experienced investors and will run throughout the month of November, ending on December 1st.

Each contestant will be provided with an initial virtual stake of US $100,000 and unlimited access to City Credit Capital’s unique City Trader platform.

Contestants will then be able to track and trade currencies in real time with the winner being the one showing the largest overall net profit for the month.

It will give all participants the opportunity to hone their trading skills on the financial markets using a leading edge ‘no risk’ demo account in a live environment - an invaluable experience.

"We’re very excited about our new City Trader platform and wanted both brokers and investors to experience just how user-friendly it is" said Alfred Tang, the company’s UK chief, "of course the trading demo isn’t real, but the prize money certainly is".

City Credit Capital is an FSA (class A) fully registered and regulated financial services company with its global

headquarters located in the heart of London’s Square Mile, one of the leading financial districts in the world, where over a third of the world’s currency transactions are carried out.

The company is built around a board of directors and dedicated staff from rich and varied backgrounds in gold and precious metals, FX, commodity futures,

equity and Contract For Difference (CFD) trading. There is a rich vein of experience that runs throughout this truly international team, drawn from senior positions in the world’s primary financial centres.

City Credit Capital is rapidly gaining a reputation not only for its integrity and levels of client service, but also its innovative approach to trading on

both the financial markets and major stock markets, soon to include global share-based Contracts for Difference (‘CFDs’) focusing on some of the world’s
best known corporate names.

The City Trader financial markets trading platform is yet one more example of the company’s commitment to not only meeting but surpassing its clients’ needs.

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