Need Motivation to Complete Your Fitness or Training Program?

Published: Fri Jun 17 2005

SONOMA, Calif. – Whether you are an athlete preparing for competition, or just trying to get into better shape, the greatest challenge with any fitness program is motivation to continue day after day.

"The reason most people quit their exercise program is simply because they are unable to see or feel any real progress to stay motivated to keep training," explained fitness expert Christopher Watson.

It is a story that repeats itself all across America every day. We finally go to the gym, go for a jog, or begin some sort of fitness training. We feel really good about getting started. Unfortunately, within only a short time what we started with so much enthusiasm fades quickly and our plans an goals dissolve away.

"We need daily goals to work towards in an organized way, We need to see our own daily progress to stay motivated and to keep coming back to strive for something more," said Watson. Goals must be measurable, and realistic. We need a specific plan for each workout, and we need some goal to strive for."

Unfortunately most of us do little if any organizing, and our goals are so unrealistic that we quickly fail instead of succeed. That method of training is a sure-fired way to throw a damp towel on our desire to work out each day. Before very long, we stop.

"I had to find a way to help people overcome the challenges of keeping a fitness journal. I know how beneficial it can be, but I also saw the difficulties of setting up and keeping a journal. That is why I created," said Watson. "Now it is simple to start and easy to do."

Getting started with the on-line journal is as simple as a few clicks and key strokes. Daily entries take only moments to make, and seeing your progress through graphs and charts makes it fun.

You can access your customized journal at day or night from any computer in the world. It keeps complete track of your daily workouts, weight, body fat, sleeping patterns, and much more. Fitness Journal then calculates reports, statistics, and charts to help you evaluate your own information and helps you set goals for your next workout. It not only keeps track of what you eat and helps you plan great menus, it also offers some exciting recipes.

"You will start to see your journal as a sort of a reward for a job well done. Seeing your progress displayed for you on your computer is exciting, and motivates you each day. You will look forward to finishing your workout and then looking at your progress on the computer," said Watson.

Keeping a Fitness Journal offers a complete exercise log for people who wish to improve their fitness level, athletes who are looking to set a new personal record, and people who just want to lose a few pounds.

Using is like accounting software for the body. It is designed to help you stay motivated and reach your health and fitness goals. There is no better way to gauge your own success than by keeping a daily training log.

Christopher Watson

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