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From: Natural Body Detox Facts
Published: Wed Apr 07 2010

Zara Buckley is an Australian journalist whose interest in alternative therapies led her to create a website called Natural Body Detox Facts which can be found at She explains her latest project like this: "Most people who live in cities are in pain. Our bodies are paralyzed by our lifestyle. A jog in the park or a session in the gym is not going to wipe out a lifetime of bad diet and negative feelings, so is a detox diet called for?"

Zara Buckley believes that even people who are skeptical about alternative therapies can benefit from Detox Diets. "I've always found it extremely interesting that fringe therapies like detoxing divide people into the believers and the non-believers," says Buckley. "The whole world seems to think it's a case of "either/or" but in reality there is some truth in both sides of the debate."

Buckley believes that the reason alternative therapies and so-called complementary medicines are outside the mainstream is because scientific evidence does not exist to support them. "What DOES exist is anecdotal evidence which carries a lot of weight when you hear it from a friend or family member," she says. "Along with that, what we call 'folk wisdom' has stayed in our society despite medical progress because it simply makes sense to many people."

Zara Buckley's website presents itself as an opportunity for people who want to do something about an unhealthy lifestyle to examine available information about taking a natural body detox and take responsibility for looking after their health. The website contains articles written by Buckley and her able assistant, Sandii Howarth giving the facts about detoxification and detox products. Their section on detox diets can be found at
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