Circus Circus to Welcome 'The Great American Party' at Rock & Rita's

From: Rock & Rita's
Published: Wed Apr 07 2010

Circus Circus welcomes the "Great American Party" this June with the arrival of party bar Rock & Ritas, a new bar, restaurant and entertainment attraction. The rock-inspired backdrop will accomodate flair bartending, live music and festive signature dishes in an expansive 14,000 sq. ft facility on the strip.

Restauranters David Z. Tuttleman and Mark Green are the two man team behind the vision. David has made it known "Rock & Rita's will take Circus Circus' visitors to a new level of interactive partying." "It is a continuous, high-energy gathering in an environment designed to bring out your inner party animal."

Rock & Rita's will host a team of flair bartenders, made up of of some of the best in the business, who make drinks with flips, juggling, spins, balance and pouring in amazing ways. Synonymous with over-the-top showmanship, flair bartending is credited to be created by the legendary Jerry "The Professor" Thomas, who poured flaming scotch from a mug while mixing a Blue Blazer cocktail. Rock & Rita's will have bartending stations equipped with stage controls for both impromptu and scheduled shows by the award winning flair bartenders from around the world that will be serving from them.

"Our bartenders are going to kick the party up a notch," Tuttleman said. "We are committed to providing every guest a larger-than-life experience through world-ranked award-winning bartenders who we are actively recruiting.

Less than 100 other chefs share the elite Master Chef status of Chef Alfonso Contrisciani, who brings his unique food presentations to the menu at Rock & Rita's, distinguishing itself from other Vegas bars. Including appetizers served atop flowing fog and enourmous portions of America’s best party foods. The menu will also feature American classics such as burgers, country-style meatloaf and BBQ pork ribs served alongside more innovative dishes like the Piña Colada Chicken and Pretzel & Pecan Crusted Catfish.

Mark Tracy, award-winning designer of Chemical Spaces, uses All-American décor to create an environment for drinking, dining and live band karaoke at this party bar on the strip. Recently named Best Designer at the 2008 HEIDI AWARDS, Tracy will integrate patriotic touches with technology to create a fun, interactive atmosphere. Every deali will ooze a party bar vibe, from the monster truck-inspired bar and custom beer-pong tables to the astounding visuals.

Open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and late-night dining, on the strip, Rock & Rita's will be serving reasonably priced entrees with sandwiches starting at $6 and dinner entrees starting at $12. Rock & Rita's has a menu that appeals to a wide range of partying taste, just like the great American experience. More information about Rock & Rita's is available at
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