Neurofeedback Therapy Treats ‘Recession Depression’

From: Mindy Fox, MFT
Published: Fri Apr 09 2010

Mindy Fox, Los Angeles-based marriage and family therapist specializing in neurofeedback therapy, helps patients over come recession depression. The fear, anxiety, depression and self-loathing brought about by our current economic climate could last for years, decades or a lifetime if not treated.

"Many have already made hard choices fiscally," said Mindy Fox, Los Angeles based marriage and family therapist. "This clear-cut loss of control produces intense anxiety that can cause a permanent lack of regulation in the brain."

With neurofeedback therapy, the brain can naturally be repositioned back to the state where it can self-regulate. This allows a person to relax and get back to leading a more emotionally stable life.

"The fear and knowledge of catastrophe cannot be undone, but emotionally, we can calm down and function more fully on a day-by-day basis with treatments such as neurofeedback therapy," said Fox.

Neurofeedback therapy has specific protocols and a specified duration within which one usually sees an improvement in feelings of anxiety and depression. It also shows great potential to alleviate some of the symptoms of ‘recession depression,’ allowing one to get back to the business of living life instead of fearing it.

Mindy Fox is a licensed marriage and family therapist with over eighteen years of experience. With a Master of Arts in Psychotherapy, Fox is also certified in somatic experiencing and trained in neurofeedback EEG (also referred to as biofeedback therapy). Her expertise in psychotherapy, EMDR, and neurofeedback helps her treat clients with attention deficit disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression issues. Fox employs body-mind therapy techniques such as EMDR, somatic experiencing, guided imagery, and neurofeedback, along with traditional methods to treat clients of all ages. Fox chairs the State CAMFT Trauma Response Committee and served as President of South Bay/Long Beach CAMFT Chapter.

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