Interpreters Unlimited Provides New Path for Economic Growth

From: Interpreters Unlimited
Published: Mon Apr 12 2010

Interpreters Unlimited, one of California’s largest full service interpretation and translation companies, has become the first in its industry in the United States to offer a licensing program. The company’s President, Sayed Ali, said the licensing opportunity provides an entrepreneur with a turnkey entry into the fast-growing language service industry.

"The need for interpretation, written translation and transcript services is rapidly increasing," said Ali. He explained, "There are significant organic growth opportunities for this industry. The United States immigrant population is growing at a faster pace than ever before and this is increasing the demand for language services. In California, where we are experiencing strong business growth, one of out every ten counties has an immigrant majority."

According to Common Sense Advisory, interpretation and translation is a $14.2 billion dollar global industry. Ali said, "By offering licensing opportunities we are making it affordable for anyone who has ever wanted to solely own and operate their own company. The license program does not require experience in the interpretation and translation industry or knowledge of a foreign language. Our licensing packages include extensive training, operation manuals and propriety software that provides billing, scheduling and client data management."

Ali also said, "Owning a license is in many ways better than owning a franchise business. The business model we are making available is low capital investment and low fixed cost."

Interpreters Unlimited has a client base of more than 600 active customers representing a variety of industries. Federal and State governments along with medical facilities are required by law to have a relationship with interpretation and translation companies. Insurance companies, law firms, corporations and school districts utilize interpretation and written translation services. Interpretation refers to the oral translation of one language into another. Translation refers to the written translation of one language to the other.

Sales have doubled at Interpreters Unlimited since Sayed Ali acquired the company in 2007. He has a proven track record in developing new businesses and creating jobs. Ali founded and served as CEO of Creative Host Services, a company that grew to 42 airport locations and employed 3,000 people. He negotiated the company’s 2004 merger with Compass Group for $43 million. Ali also founded Creative Croissants and built the company into a 52-unit franchise chain.

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Founded in 1970 to provide interpretation and written translation services, Interpreters Unlimited works with more than 130 languages, including American Sign Language and utilizes more than 7,000 language experts nationwide. Interpreters Unlimited ( provides solutions wherever language creates a barrier to effective communications. The company is headquartered in San Diego, California.
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