ShapeUps.EU Offers Technical Resource for Skechers Shape Ups Shoes in Europe

Published: Tue Apr 13 2010

A new resource is now available online providing guidance on the innovative Skechers Shape ups footwear range.

Lifestyle fitness footwear has seen a rapid rise in popularity in recent years as an increased value can be gained without having to visit a gymnasium. The release of shoe models which tone the body, improve posture and promote a better way of walking provide a much more practical solution in today’s busy world. As fitness routines move away from the gym and into the great outdoors, people can now benefit from an increased workout in a much healthier environment. However Shape ups offer more than toning alone and by wearing Skechers Shape Ups, symptoms of many common health problems can be relieved.

The shoes feature an innovative design which sees the activation of more muscle groups than standard trainers and give a valuable boost to toning, whilst promoting a more natural method of walking. The shoes feature a kinetic wedge in the soles to promote a natural rolling of the foot from heel to toe, which reduces impact force on the heel and replicates the benefits barefoot walking.

As many brands jump on the bandwagon and the choice of models and styles increases, the decision on the best choice of footwear can become a little overwhelming. However a new internet resource is now available to take a lot of the guesswork out of choosing the correct lifestyle fitness shoes. The site gives a comprehensive and balanced account of the important benefits to health which are provided by Shape Ups. The site details how the shoes offer increased toning to the legs, buttocks, back and abdomen whilst promoting blood circulation and improving posture. The information on the site is backed up with a clinical case study demonstrating how effective the shoes are to the health of the body, a guide to how the shoes should be used and user reviews and client testimonials.

Whilst concentrating on the European market, the site offers guidance on the best places to purchase the shoes in the UK, the USA and mainland Europe and helps customers get the best possible price and the widest choice of styles. This comprehensive resource aims to educate people on why Skechers Shape ups should be the number one choice for fitness shoes, and details what sets these shoes aside from competitor brands.

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