EasyTel Simplifies Local Service

From: EasyTel
Published: Sat Jun 18 2005

EasyTel announced today a change to their web site designed to make it easier than ever for customers to select additional local services.

"We've always been excited about our local-number offerings," company President Randall Skala enthused. "But now we've made it easier than ever for our customers."

Nevada based EasyTel offers local-number telecommunications services to its customers in over 3,000 communities, reaching over 85% of the US population. Since the inception of the Universal Office service, EasyTel has offered each of its customers both a permanent toll-free number and two local numbers in any of its local-service areas, with the three numbers connecting callers directly to the same customer.

"Additional numbers are something we've offered for some time, but customers found the process of signing up by telephone a little confusing," explained Skala. "The whole purpose of the new system on the web is to make it as clear and simple as possible. Now a customer can just go to our web site, log in, and pick the State and City where he or she wants the new number. The number is assigned immediately and they can start using it right away."

One of the most popular reasons is for businesses to give local calling access to a remote client. "In today's world, consultants and business people often live and work far from their customers. It's not at all uncommon for someone to live on the East Coast and have their biggest customer be on the West Coast. Or to be living in the Southwest and be serving a market that's largely in the Northeast. When you have a local number in the place where your business is coming from, those customers are much more likely to call you," said Skala.

Skala also suggested some other common reasons why someone would want a local number in another area. "Any parent with a child away at school wants an easy way for that child to reach them. A local number where the school is located would be an ideal way to make that simple and inexpensive. Or perhaps you have an elderly relative who wants to call you often, but has limited means. A local number makes it simple for them as well."

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About EasyTel.Net
EasyTel integrated its own unified communications platform with InfoUSA's electronic banking services: The Universal Office, EasyTel’s proprietary soft switch, runs on GenieNet, a nation-wide private voice-over-IP network, (GenieNet).

EasyTel now provides local coverage in most US markets. Across the nation, in over three thousand cities and communities, spanning 115 area codes across 1343 rate centers, in twenty-seven states and Washington DC, and can be reached by approximately 85% of the population in the United States as a local call. Through the use of a touch-tone telephone or the internet. NO OTHER EQUIPMENT IS NECESSARY.

About InfoUSA
InfoUSA, a Nevada corporation, is a publicly owned company, created to integrate telecommunications, electronic banking and internet services into one seamless service.

InfoUSA embarked on a mission to design and fully develop a proprietary technology, both hardware and software, which integrates three powerful technologies; Telecommunications, the world’s most universal and interactive communication medium; Electronic Banking, the key to electronic commerce; and the Internet, the world’s most powerful information medium as one seamless service. InfoUSA has four main subsidiaries, EasyTel.Net, Genie Bancor.Com, DialTel, and the Universal Office Corporation, all of which operated jointly to achieve InfoUSA’s mission.

Company: EasyTel
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