Big Appliances’ brings a smile to its’ customers by offering leisure range cookers at high end specs

From: Big Appliances
Published: Tue Apr 13 2010

There’s a whole world more bang for the buck going on at Big Appliances’ new website – a fact convincingly underlined by their choice of Leisure cookers as a base-range price category. Using Leisure cookers for your base grade is a bit like choosing Saab as an economy hire car: in that price bracket, it does one heck of a lot more than anyone bargained for.

The new Big Appliances website has something for everyone. Really. Unlike most "we’ve a range to suit every budget" merchants, Big Appliances – who launch their website this week – have applied careful thought and even more careful discounting to ensure that they genuinely achieve a nice balance between cost and functionality. Hence their appealing selection of Leisure range cookers, which have been discounted down into the low end price range.

Heaven alone knows how they’re leading their losses, but Big Appliances have made (if a quick look across the site is anything to go by) daft discounting their life’s work. They’ve chopped thousands of pounds from the list prices of range cookers across all brands (even bringing some mega high end stuff down into the mid range) – and with Leisure range cookers, there are no exceptions to the rule. Big Appliances have created a false low end range of Leisure cookers (a Leisure range cooker is no low-end kit, we can assure you) by hacking an average 35% of marked prices on all three of the models in their stocks.

Why? From a customer’s point of view, it doesn’t really matter. The crux of the thing is, if you go to Big Appliance’s brand spanking new site, you can pick up a Leisure range cooker (delivered free, if you live in mainland UK) for the kind of price you’d normally expect to see at Comet. All of Big Appliances’ Leisure range cookers come in at a handsome average of £730 (£740 for the most expensive Leisure range cooker; £720 for the cheapest) – money for which only a mad person would expect to get high quality gear like this.

The Leisure range cookers featured on the Big Appliances site fall into two fuel categories – they are offering two fully electric range cookers, plus a dual fuel cooker that runs gas hobs and electric everything else. Two of Big Appliances’ Leisure range cookers look sensationally professional, with the clean boxy lines and partitioning one usually finds in commercial grade white goods stock and the brushed stainless steel finishes you’d expect too. The third Leisure range cooker they feature is somewhat less professionally attired – its wavy door handles and arched glass windows are all a bit retro ‘90s, but then with that build quality at such a knockdown price, who cares? Five individually sized hobs, an electric griddle and dual circuit grills offer a seriously professional range of cooking choices: and those windows are arched for a reason, allowing the home chef a much clearer view of what is going on in the oven.

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