Klein Buendel Picks Metzger Associates to Facilitate Healthy Growth in 2010

From: Metzger Associates
Published: Tue Apr 13 2010

Klein Buendel, a communications firm specializing in the development of health-focused educational and training programs through an effective mix of traditional and emerging media, has hired Metzger Associates as its communications and marketing partner.

Metzger Associates will be responsible for developing and implementing a strategic sponsorship initiative and for spearheading marketing communications on a local and national level that will incorporate traditional and social media tactics.

Klein Buendel, based in Golden, Colo., executes government-funded research programs and turns the data into multi-media and online educational products and training solutions for universities, school districts and the general public.

"As we prepare for some big growth in 2010, we wanted Metzger’s expertise in reaching untapped markets and in growing awareness for our brand," said Amy Giese, co-founder of Klein Buendel.

Three of Klein Buendel’s most successful products are: Live Fit On Campus, which provides online curricula for college students as they learn to live away from home for the first time; Grow.Eat.Thrive, which provides primary and secondary school students with a program to learn to grow their own vegetables and explores the nutritional and environmental benefits of gardening; and Sun Safe, a program which teaches precautions for sun exposure.

Some of Klein Buendel’s clients include the American Cancer Society, the Colorado Department of Education, Kaiser Permanente, U.S. Department of Agriculture, North Carolina Healthy Schools, and many major universities including University of Southern California, University of Georgia, University of Nevada, Reno, and the University of Colorado, Denver.

About Metzger Associates

Boulder-based Metzger Associates is the Rocky Mountain region’s premier integrated strategic communications firm. Since 1991, Metzger Associates’ public relations programming, capital strategies practice and keen focus on clients’ business goals have created value for innovative growth companies ranging from the Fortune 500 to venture-backed startups. Metzger Associates added a Social Media practice in 2005, long before most companies are working in the area, and has one of the nation’s top track records in developing award-winning communications strategies. For more information, please visit www.metzger.com.

About Klein Buendel

Klein Buendel is a communications firm specializing in the development of programs to educate communities about health issues that impact our daily lives. Through its own research grants as well as partnerships with various research institutions, Klein Buendel applies an effective mix of traditional and emerging media to create professional and engaging training and education materials. The team is experienced in the full spectrum of instructional design and production – from concept to delivery. They judge themselves by effectiveness, not fluff-factor. Whether you need a simple brochure on a specific topic or a full multimedia training program, Klein Buendel can help it get the impact it needs.
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