April Showers See Waterproof Shoes Sales Soaring at FitnessFootwear.com

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Published: Wed Apr 14 2010

While a BBQ may have to be cancelled due to wet weather, rain is no concern for the feet with waterproof shoes sales buoyant this spring.

The spring sees temperatures gradually creep up, however this month is traditionally wet with the renowned April showers threatening to spoil a good day out. Despite a rosy weather forecast and a prediction of an unseasonably warm spring, the rain is showing little sign of abating and consumers appear to be planning for a little extra protection for the feet. When the weather is unpredictable it pays to opt for shoes which are both lightweight and breathable, whilst also offering some degree of waterproofing. Play the percentages and keeping the feet dry and comfortable is the best bet during this most unpredictable of seasons.

North Face trainers are selling particularly well this month, as they offer a versatile footwear choice, being some of the best all-weather trainers on the market. Light, breathable and waterproof, they function admirably in the wet in terms of grip, and when the heavens open they will repel water keeping the feet perfectly dry. The shoes feature an ultra thin layer of waterproof polymer to create hydrophobic uppers to repel water. Even the mesh which would appear to allow water to enter is perfectly waterproof. The tiny holes are too small to allow liquid water to pass into the shoes, whilst being large enough for smaller water vapour molecules to escape allowing the feet to breathe.

For an outdoors lifestyle waterproof trainers are proving to be one of the best options, being suitable for jogging, running and everyday wear. To the untrained eye, they look no different to any other type of modern trainer; however the difference becomes apparent as soon as the rain clouds roll in. Standard trainer designs often feature mesh uppers which sees rainwater pass straight through and trainers become sodden in next to no time. When the feet are wet, working out becomes a miserable affair. Abrasion to the feet increases substantially, the shoes become water logged and heavy, and they can take an age to dry out and be ready for use again.

At fitnessfootwear.com the unpredictability of the weather is never a concern, and the range of fully breathable and waterproof GORE-TEX trainers has been increased in response to demand. Most of the major outdoor footwear manufacturers produce a lightweight modern trainer which repels rain, protects against standing water and even keeps the feet dry when totally immersed. The sales of these models has surged this spring, taking over as the leading models from the heavier waterproof boots which are bestsellers throughout the winter months.

With less insulation required from the spring through to the autumn, these lightweight waterproof exercise shoes are becoming one of the bestselling active footwear models, with sales increasing steadily over the past month. Even with the spring well underway and the promise of warmer weather imminent, customers are not being swayed by the season or optimistic weather reports. The purchase choice tends to be governed more by recent local weather conditions and the colour of the sky rather than the weatherman. Since the waterproof coating does not affect style or dry weather performance, it is a no-brainer to have the extra protection which these styles provide.

To cope with the unpredictable British weather waterproof shoes provide the perfect solution. They are suitable for all seasons they offer comfort and support whilst keeping the feet perfectly dry. Cool in the summer and warm in the run up, it is no surprise that their sales are soaring as the British public chooses a trainer which performs equally well in all weather conditions.

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