Corso & Rhude Sets Out to Be A Different Kind of Law Firm

From: Corso & Rhude
Published: Wed Apr 14 2010

Christopher Corso and John Rhude of the Law Office of Corso & Rhude have set out to level the legal playing field for Valley residents.

Putting more than a decade’s worth of combined experience in the prosecutor’s office to work, the legal team believes that everyone has the right to experienced representation and the right to also have equal representation in a court of law, whether it’s for a photo radar ticket or a DUI charge. But even more than that, they want their clients to feel that their attorney is working for them.

"You have to be comfortable with your attorney," said partner John Rhude. "They’re the people who are going to go into court on your behalf to sit down with the judge and prosecutor and work out a deal for you, get your case dismissed or take care of you in a trial."

Corso & Rhude attorneys provide expert legal advice and the personal attention that every client deserves. Whether it’s a criminal case, DUI charge or traffic violation, Corso & Rhude attorneys have the benefit of their years of experience on the both sides of the legal fence – prosecuting and defending clients – to assist you in receiving the fairest outcome to your case.

"We give our clients the best advice, the best of our expertise, the cutting-edge information that they need to know and the options available to them," Rhude said. "That way they can make an informed decision - the best decision for them and their family."

Both Rhude and his partner Christopher Corso spent half a decade as deputy county attorneys for the Maricopa County Prosecutor’s Office. There, they participated in thousands of cases with charges that ranged from driving under the influence to domestic violence. Before that, the pair worked for the City of Mesa’s Prosecutor’s Office, where Corso assisted in preparing the city’s manual on domestic violence.

But while that work was satisfying, the pair wanted to focus on individuals, seeing their cases through to completion, helping to educate their clients in the hopes of lessening the occurrences in the future. They felt that many people were being underserved by their legal representatives and they wanted to begin the process of correcting those instances.

"We wanted to have more of a one-on-one relationship with the community, using the knowledge and experience we gained to help educate the community," Corso said. "That was our intention and our focus from the beginning. As former prosecutors, we were proud of the work we did and confident in our abilities from the experience and knowledge we gained.

"It came to a point where we decided that it was time to try and help people. Armed with that experience, we’re able to identify the different types of issues that come up in the course of a case and better serve our clients."

Both Corso and his partner point to their work as prosecutors as a benefit for their clients. They’ve been on the other side of cases and they know what to expect. Their experience in dealing with the judicial process and with defense attorneys helped them cultivate a model for the kind of law they wanted to practice and gave them the experience they needed to help their clients.

"It isn’t just the law that you’re dealing with," Corso said. "You’re dealing with the psychology of the law, dealing with the attorneys on both sides and how they think, what they believe and how they apply what they’ve learned to their craft in the courtroom. We’ve also gained the ability to effectively believe in and listen to our clients, a trait lost on attorneys today. These are the things that a law book just doesn’t teach you. We learned it coming up through the ranks."

The bottom line for both Corso and Rhude is that every client receives fair representation and the legal experience they deserve.

"You don’t always achieve all the goals," Corso said. "But explaining and educating your clients is the key to effective representation. If your client understands the process and believes in you because you believe in them, it will be a win no matter what the outcome."

The Law Office of Corso & Rhude, PLLC is located at 9210 W. Union Hills Drive, Suite 102, Peoria, Arizona, 85382. To schedule a free consultation, please visit or call (602) 254-3188.

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