On A Forty Year Drunk Says: "You Must See The Problem, In Order To Avoid It."

Published: Sat Jun 18 2005

Why do some people become addicted to Alcohol or Narcotics? Statistics from the year 2002 indicate 22% of Americans between the ages of 18 to 25 are abusing one or more substances. Robert Black’s new book "On a Forty Year Drunk" attempts to enlighten readers of the cause and effect situations that contribute to these phenomena.

Mr. Black describes the essence of his early years, and how child abuse can push a young person toward this type of problem. He also speaks to the situation in America where chemical abuse seems to be not only accepted but encouraged in many circles. By the time Robert joined the military service he was a full fledged Alcoholic, and it took him forty years and much trouble before he finally found the strength to quit his addiction.

Robert Black is a retired Electronic Technician, and this is his first book. He and his wife live in the suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona.

ISBN 1-4116-2440-8

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