Davie Allan & The Arrows Classic Albums Revisited

From: Davie Allan & The Arrows
Published: Sun Jun 19 2005

Los Angeles, CA--June 20, 2005--Davie Allan & The Arrows rewrote the music history books in the 60s creating unique and exciting instrumental rock that made its way into many films. Allan has the distinct honor of being the progenitor of biker rock and opening more doors for musicians to market their music.

Sundazed Records has given the Allan legacy its due with a series of reissues. The critically acclaimed albums are Apache ’65, Blues Theme, and Cycle Delic Sounds, and they all get the remastered treatment. Each individual CD is accompanied with a booklet detailing each recording session with candor and archived photos. The impact each album had on the genre and the motion picture industry is understood-without Allan & The Arrows there would be many unemployed musicians today.

Listening to each one of these albums, you can hear a pattern of growth and a distinguishable change with each release. Allan really took a chance and spread his wings creatively, the result was three of the most influential, and stunning instrumental albums ever recorded.

It is time to celebrate this influential and groundbreaking artist! If you listen to the reissued CDs, it is a sure bet that you will want to hear more, it is addictive. It will be necessary to seek out more of the same to satisfy your hunger for this great music. The Allan catalog is plentiful. In addition to many studio albums recorded there are dozens of compilations available with classic Allan tracks. With such a strong legacy behind him and nothing but a clear path to record more great music Davie Allan & The Arrows are still going strong in their fifth decade of recording and performing.

LA Reader: "…Perhaps the closest thing you’ll ever hear to a combination of Link Wray, Dick Dale and Henry Mancini…"

Rolling Stone: "…the boss hogs of biker flick soundtracks…"

Gearhead: "…the undisputed king of the fuzz guitar…"

LA Weekly: "…Allan conjures rock and roll quintessence with masterful skill…"

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