Dr Myles Munroe says that third world nations have a very special role to play on the world scene.

[ClickPress, Fri Apr 16 2010] The International Apostolic Network is hosting a three day seminar in the tropical islands of Vanuatu, in the South Pacific, in September 2010. Members of the organizing committee are enjoying the points made by Dr Myles Munroe, founder and president of Bahamas Faith Ministries International.

Dr Munroe is a widely known international motivational speaker, best-selling author, lecturer, educator and consultant for government and business.

Many see Dr Munroe's words as a ray of hope for developing nations, as they expect big things from the three day seminar in September.

Dr Myles Munroe's special message to developing nations in the last chapter in the book, The Most Important Person On Earth, reads:

A Word To The Third World

Nations of the Third World face some of the most difficult challenges of any countries on earth. They desperately need to be free from perpetual poverty, disease, epidemics, and political and social tyranny from government officials who want to hoard the nations’ wealth for themselves. For this reason, the Third Word people perhaps feel a lack of heavenly kingdom influence in their nations most keenly.

The problems and challenges of the Third World nations have been addressed through politics, legislation and humanitarian aid. These methods certainly have their place and many good people and programs are currently doing their best to alleviate suffering. For powerful and lasting solutions, however, I think that we have been focusing on the wrong things.

There is a need for something immeasurably greater, something I will call a 'national baptism' or an invasion of the Holy Spirit's influence and power in the lives of Third World peoples. Each Third World nation must have a countrywide encounter with the Governor of heaven (the Holy Spirit) if order and soundness is to return to them and their leaders.

This baptism is one of both philosophy and power. It is where the Holy Spirit infiltrates a whole nation, from the leaders to the children. We have seen that to have a true kingdom philosophy, we must align ourselves with the leadership of the King of heaven, and we must transform our entire outlook so that it is united with his mind-set.

For a nation to experience this kind of transformation the Governor must, of course, come to live within its people. After the Creator gave human beings his own nature he

1.Gave them physical bodies so they could function in the physical world he had created and prepared specifically for them and
2.Breathed His very Spirit into them, animating and empowering them to fulfill their calling on earth.

Four billion people live in countries designated as Third World, or developing nations. Third World Nations have a unique calling in this world, but they can fulfill their potential only if they receive the power and the mind-set of the heavenly Governor, because the Governor is their connection with the kingdom of heaven.

Only our Creator God, through the working of his Holy Spirit on earth, has the necessary authority, ability, and desire to address the needs of the Third World. No one has more love and concern for developing nations than he does.

And he wants to enlist you, as a Third World resident, to transform your community and nation into a replica of the kingdom of heaven. When you are realigned with God through his Son Jesus Christ, you are not only a member of a Third World nation; you are also a citizen of the wealthiest, most powerful kingdom in the universe, with all the rights and privileges that correspond with your citizenship.

Earthly leaders can disappoint or abuse us and even well-meaning friends may not be able to provide the answers we need. We can, however, depend on the Governor of heaven to work on our behalf, and also to work within us, providing supernatural gifts and abilities to overcome the problems we face in our individual and national lives. We can receive help, strength and answers from the Spirit of the King.

Everything in your live that can seem out of your control, such as

•who manages your destiny,
•how you will raise your income level or start a business,
•how to receive adequate health care,
•or even where you will get the next meal for yourself and your family can be given into the care of the Governor.

You can place yourself under the perfect rule of a benevolent Creator who has your interests, welfare and fulfillment in mind.

A restored relationship and communication with the Creator-King through the Holy Spirit is vital for the optimum development of Third World nations, and their future in the world community. Third World, developing nations need to be free from a culture or corruption, poverty and despair. They must allow the Governor to direct and guide them in valuing the life of every person in the nation, and to provide heavenly kingdom wisdom for knowing how to use their national wealth and resources for the good of the people.

My prayer and challenge for all peoples of Third World, developing nations, for their generation and their nations, is to welcome the Holy Spirit into their personal lives, and then into the lives of their national cultures, allowing him to transform the values, morals, standards, social consciousness, and economic conditions of their countries, as only the all-powerful and compassionate Governor from heaven can do.

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