Paramount Airways vouches to offer business class comfort at no-frill prices

From: Paramount Airways
Published: Mon Apr 19 2010

Paramount Airways, promoted by M Thiagarajan, which claims to be the first Airline in India to launch the New Generation Embraer 170/190 Family Series Aircrafts, has now launched a range of Delhi centric flights unlike the past when Bangalore used to be the hub.

The airlines company vouches to offer business class comfort at no-frill prices. But people looking for budget airlines will not opt for Paramount Airways immediately given that the minimum fare for one way starts from Rs 8,000 onwards.

Notably, its fares are more than the budget flights like Indigo, GoAir, Jet Konnect, Jetlite, Air India (Express) but less than the premium flights like Air India (Domestic), King Fisher and Jet Airways (Domestic). "We are the only airline in India to offer full business class service at prices comparative to normal economy class fares of other airlines" , exclaims Thiagarajan.

The company boasts to offer exceptional value for money and to make traveling experience a true delight with a world of difference. The company is the first to offer full business class service but at prices that are equivalent to the economy class fares of other carriers.

For its target customers are business class ones, Paramount Airways is least bothered about the budget fares offered to economy class people by other domestic airlines.

According to Thiagarajan, the airlines was created with a vision - a dream to revamp air travel, taking it to higher vistas of comfort and class coupled with incredible economyensuring that the passengers are is guaranteed true value for money. "After all, luxury should be everyone's prerogative.

This is the reason why all our passengers travel elite business class-because we believe in pampering customers every step of the way", he added.

The moot question is whether it's a viable business for an airlines company to have all business class seats in a carrier? Normally there are not more than 12 to 16 business class seats in a domestic airline apart from normal economy class seats.

How many passengers really board a flight like Paramount Airways on daily basis? Is such a business model profitable in these times when people are trying to cut down on costs after recession?

The airline definitely offers luxury services like valets at disposal for assistance , gourmet meals and a range of in-flight services and entertainment, yet the question is whether the airlines is really making profits.

Paramount Airlines hopes to be a premium service schedule airline offering competitive fares, and first time direct services to a number of commercial hubs in India, connecting these to primary metros across the country.
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