New UK Distributor Sees Vibram Five Fingers Back on Shelves at

Published: Mon Apr 19 2010

Vibram Five Fingers shoes available again to UK purchasers as Anaton win European distribution rights.

As Britain wakes up to the benefits of barefoot walking and the additional health benefits which it provides, the hunger for suitable footwear will soon be satisfied with the arrival of new stocks of Vibram Five Fingers shoes, which have been fraught with distribution problems in the past, as an unreliable distribution network has seen shelves empty being unable to keep up with demand.

Anaton are a major global distribution company who have recently been awarded distribution rights to bring new stocks of the shoe to the UK, to cater to the incredible demand for a shoe which perfectly recreates barefoot walking with the added protection and comfort of a shoe. has received high volumes of enquiries for these shoes and has up until now been unable to offer a reliable supply to their customer base.

Vibram rubber is world renowned for the protection and grip provided, which has seen most of the major performance footwear manufacturers use the rubber in the outsoles of their shoes. The company has been developing new rubber compounds for unbeatable grip since 1937. When attention was turned to their own designs they threw away the mould and developed a shoe which perfectly matches the anatomy of the feet and even provides a separate toe area for each of the five digits. The result is increased traction as the toes are allowed to perform their function and help give extra grip, whilst the shoes provide excellent feel and bring foot and ground together closer together. The shoes feature a comfort hook and clasp strap for easy adjustment which ensures the shoes mould perfectly to the feet, and a stretchy polyamine upper forms a tight layer around the top of the foot to prevent slippage.

Waterproof designs enable the shoes to be used for a variety of water sports, where grip is of paramount importance. Offering underfoot protection from unseen underwater hazards, and excellent grip on slippery surfaces they proved to be an instant hit since their release. The shoes have been awarded a TIME Magazine best invention award in 2007 for their innovative design, and are a popular choice with fitness fanatics for the supreme comfort provided which makes users forget they are wearing shoes. For Yoga, Pilates and martial arts, they offer the benefits of being barefoot with added comfort and support.

Now that the UK supply has been secured through Anaton, Britain once again will be able to fully benefit from the barefoot walking experience with added grip and comfort. For more information on the benefits of Vibram shoes and details of the range visit
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