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From: Redspan Solutions Ltd
Published: Mon Jun 20 2005

"Yoga" means union but how often have you found yourself patiently trying to explain your passion for yoga to a prospective friend or partner only to be met by a blank expression? Now thanks to a new web site especially designed for yoga lovers you need not try so hard for all members will understand your point of view.

Love Yoga – - is designed not only for yoga devotees but also for the growing community of adults who take a holistic view of life. Whether you are looking for romance, new friends, a cyber relationship, or your soul mate then Love Yoga will give you a free profile with ample opportunity to search its growing database.

The site was founded by aptly-named web designer Ben Lovegrove who has built several sites for people with particular passions. "Having built Orange Tree Yoga ( for my two sisters who are both Certified Iyengar Yoga teachers, I discovered that there was a need for a dating site that had yoga as it central theme," said Ben. "A lot of people don’t want to join some vast database in which it becomes difficult if not impossible to find people of like mind so a specialised site is the answer" he added.

Meeting up in the Love Yoga ether is ideal for anyone who’s often finds their life is full in so many other ways but which lacks that special someone or who would just like to make new friends either in the flesh or in cyber space.

The Love Yoga service is anonymous, safe, easy, and fun! Subscribers simply register a username and answer a few questions about their likes, dislikes and the sort of person or people they’re looking for. No-one need put their real name or compromise their privacy at any time. So log on, sign up and look for the stars!

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