UAE Looks For More Steel

From: Lucky Group
Published: Tue Apr 20 2010

Dubai is known for creating outstanding architectures. Many superlative buildings add glory to this fastest developing city of the world. Many other projects are under construction and will soon enter the list of beautiful architectures in the world. A lot of raw material is required to carry out all the constructional works. Metals are the top most requirements for making buildings. Recently the demand for metals has increased in UAE and steel is required in highest amount. Many reports have predicted that demand for steel will rise by 31% in UAE. So there has to be more supply of this metal to meet with the rising demand.

You must have heard about instances when suppliers delivered bad quality materials when demand of particular material grows. But this is really risky especially when the needed material is supposed to be used in construction industry. Lucky Group of Companies is an exceptional. This company holds a reputable image in the global market. The company is known for providing best quality metals to all their customers around the world. Lucky Recycling has been involved in recycling used items to obtain metals from them. This will help the company in meeting with the rising demand of steel in UAE. Most of the manufacturers prefer dealing with the company which has established name and Lucky Group has it. Leading construction companies in UAE and rest of the world get desired amount of metals from Lucky Group on time.

Lucky Group contributes to several other environmentally conscious industries world wide as an alloy manufacturing and metal recycling company in Dubai. Their mission is to cater to the metal requirements of their customers, expand their supplies, as well as create strategic alliances with key suppliers. Lucky Group’s scarp metal recycling interests are handled by their flagship company Lucky Recycling and their associate company Fortune Metals established in Toronto, Canada.

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