San Francisco Hotel Site Revamps for Technological Age

From: HotelSanFrancisco
Published: Wed Apr 21 2010, an online travel site for accommodations in San Francisco, is announcing their newly revamped design today, and has expectations for a customer base that will be encouraged by the sites accessibility and user-friendliness.

"This is an interesting moment in the history of travel," the CEO of the company said earlier yesterday in anticipation of the announcement this morning. "Not only are we all becoming a little more knowledgeable about the web every day, but we're starting to see the world a little bit differently. Imagining a whole generation growing up with the internet as part of their basic view of things, it's a little bit dizzying. But that's where we are." There was some discussion about how this notion of the web and its effects on the world seems particularly suited for San Francisco, a city that's been known as a haven for the computer-literate of the world.

"It is interesting, of course, that the San Francisco fascination with the internet seems to dovetail into some of the ways we're thinking about this," the CEO continued. "And personally, I have a deep interest in all of this in a way that might seem a little esoteric to most of our customers, but I'm also pretty happy knowing that we're part of a trend that's very much in line with the future of computer-based travel planning." is a website devoted to lodgings in the San Francisco area, offering their customers a variety of hotel choices. These lodgings run along a variety of styles and levels of luxury, and they specialize in helping world travelers to make arrangements on their home or business computer. For more information, see
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