World Free Diving Records Ready To Take A Dive

On April 17th the world's premier free-diving invitational competition kicked off in the Bahamas.

Hosted at the 203 metre deep Dean's Hole, the competition will include 15 of the world’s best free-divers, representing nine nations. Between them they hold a total of 58 national, or world records.

Five new world records were created and 30 national records broken at the 2009 competition. William Trubridge, 29, from New Zealand, the current record holder, dived unassisted, constant weight, no fins, to a depth of 90 metres.

Others competing in the Bahamas are Eric Fattah (Can), Jared Schmelzer (USA), Ryuzo Shinomiya (Jpn), Carla-Sue Hanson (USA), Misuzu Hirai (Jpn), Robert King (USA), Dave Mullins (NZ), Guillaume Nery (Fra), Niki Roderick (NZ), Alfredo Romo (Mex), Carolina Schrappe (Braz), Walter Steyn (AUS) and William Winram (Can).

Forty year-old Herbet Nitsch is the reigning world champion and record holder in the constant weight category. Throughout his career he has achieved 28 world records. In 2009 he dived to 123 metres at Dean’s Blue Hole.

"Try walking up stairs, five or six storeys with no breath. Just make sure someone is with you if you try it!" Kerian Hibbs, 38, said when asked what is feels like to free dive. KHibbs is ranked seventh in the world, in constant weight, no-fin free-diving.

Champion diver Mandy-Rae and husband Kirk applied their free-diving ability to covertly dive eight storeys underwater, without apparatus, in order to capture footage and audio for the film The Cove.

The film revealed Japan's controversial dolphin slaughter and capture program. It won an Oscar Award for best documentary and won wide acclaim in both Europe and Australia. The Japanese fishing industry says the film is 'one-sided'. Wide spread controversy has been created over its proposed screening in Japan.

Mandy-Rae can dive 88 metres on a single breath. The couples were featured on the Oprah show in 2008. Neither Mandy-Rae Kirk will be diving at the competition in the Bahamas.

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