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From: CQrecruit
Published: Thu Apr 22 2010

Hong Kong based online recruitment specialists CQrecruit are working with the Institute of Paralegals in the UK to provide a wide range of information and resources for paralegals and legal secretaries in Asia. Topics covered include the skills and qualifications required to become a paralegal, training courses which may be of interest, how to get qualified as a paralegal as well as answers to other questions that aspiring paralegals and legal secretaries may have.

Whilst the Institute of Paralegals is based in the UK, it offers international memberships, allowing paralegals and legal secretaries from Hong Kong, Singapore, China and other countries across Asia to join. This allows them to take advantage of the structured career path set out by the Institute and to develop their careers according to defined standards.

The UK National Competency Standards set out by the Institute that cover both paralegals and legal secretaries are available for download from the CQrecruit website. The CQ site also includes details of the Route to Qualification, which covers Affiliate Members, Associate Paralegals, Certified Paralegals and Qualified Paralegals. Details can be found at www.cqrecruit.com/pages/instituteofparalegals#5.

"We realise the importance of both paralegals and legal secretaries for the efficient functioning of any law firm or corporate legal department" said Pete Gordon, Managing Director of CQ. "We are therefore very pleased to be able to offer these resources to both our job seekers, to help them develop their careers, and our employers, to help them get the best from their staff."

As part of its collaboration with the Institute of Paralegals, CQrecruit is able to offer a discount of 50% on the joining fees for the Institute, available to any CQ users. To find out more visit www.cqrecruit.com/pages/instituteofparalegals#8.

CQrecruit is an online recruitment portal focused on the legal profession across the Asia Pacific region. www.cqrecruit.com carries positions for both lawyers and legal support staff including legal secretaries, paralegals, H.R. and marketing professionals and other key support functions.

The Institute of Paralegals is based in the UK and is the only body representing professional paralegals in the UK to be granted Institute status by the UK government. The Institute helps people who want to become professional paralegals with a serious career. The Institute publishes the National Competency Standards for the paralegal profession and administers the paralegal career path – the Route to Qualification. You can visit the Institute's website at www.theiop.org

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