Binge Eating Treatment in Missouri

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Published: Tue Apr 27 2010

Binge eating is characterized by frequent episodes of uncontrolled overeating. The person eats large portions of food and feels unable to control the urge to eat more. Most people affected by this disorder try to hide it from others and binge in private, making the disorder difficult to diagnose. Binge eaters experience intense shame following the binge eating episode. This can lead to more binge eating or some compensatory behavior that is believed by the individual to compensate for the binge eating. This could include vomiting or purging, fasting, over-exercising or the use of laxatives.

Binge Eating can be Fatal

Binge eating is a serious eating disorder which needs to be treated as soon as it is diagnosed as the health implications can be deadly. The person may become obese and could suffer from diseases of the liver, kidney, digestive system and throat. If the person is using compensatory behaviors such as purging or laxatives they can suffer heart failure due to electrolyte and sodium/potassium imbalances. When struggling with an eating disorder the person experiences mood swings and may be at high risk for depression and or suicide. Binge eating treatment in Missouri is effectively done in several specialized centers. These centers have well-experienced professional to treat eating disorders effectively.

Find Effective Binge Eating Treatment in Missouri

In the treatment centers offering Binge eating treatment in Missouri, the affected person feels comfortable in peaceful surroundings. There are experienced nutritionists who work together with psychologists and other specialists to make the treatment effective. Nutritionists help the client develop healthy eating habits and create a meal plan for the individual to follow. Clients are taught about moderation, food groups and portion sizes to give them the tools to combat the binge eating disorder. An exercise regimen is developed and psychological blocks to exercise are explored. The latest and most effective therapeutic techniques, medication management, and teaching new healthy coping skills are all utilized to help the person move toward recovery from binge eating.

Effective treatment involves the family members when clinically appropriate. Family therapy helps the client and the family identify and resolve family dynamics that may contribute to the perpetuation of the binge eating. The treated person may return for follow up sessions if needed. An outpatient therapist and dietician must be utilized post discharge to help prevent relapse. Binge eating treatment in Missouri is effectively done at the Castlewood Treatment Center for Eating Disorders. Find out more about their treatment programs from their website
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