Shop Kitten Opens Unique Online Boutique

From: Shop Kitten
Published: Mon Jun 20 2005

VANCOUVER, WASHINGTON - Forget boring clothing, labels and designer duds. Shop Kitten is taking it to the next level with their saavy women's fashion and marketing sense. The online boutique, which was launched this past May, offers something for everyone.

Shop Kitten was born in November 2004; a collaboration between Kristen and Colin Black. After being bombarded by boutiques in the area that strictly carried brands such as Juicy Couture and True Religion, Kristen decided to start her own company - a boutique that carried great clothes at great prices. "I was inspired by the Carrie Bradshaw look,"she says referring to the wildly popular series Sex and The City, "Carrie was such a fashion icon, but she became that way by having her own individual style."

Because of this attitude, Shop Kitten has become wildly successful in the past month the online boutique has been open. "I've had orders from all over the United States, and all over the world," Black said, "But I think people like to shop with us because we carry very small quantities of clothing and they know that they won't walk down the street and see a woman with the same shirt that they have on."
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