Ten Year Old Sole Survivor Of Severe Box Jellyfish Attack

Rachel, a ten year old schoolgirl, has endured a fatal box jellyfish attack. It is understood she is the only person to ever survive such a lethal attack.

Rachel was swimming near her home in central Queensland, Australia, in the Calliope River. She was 23 miles from the river’s mouth when the incident occurred.

Rachel's brother managed to drag her out of the water with the tentacles still wrapped around her legs. Rachel went into cardiac and respiratory arrest and was unconscious for around 30 minutes.

Quick witted campers applied vinegar on the affected area before Rachel was rushed to an ambulance. Her father managed to keep her alive by carrying out CPR on his daughter. Rachel was in an induced coma for several days.

"To be honest this kid should not be alive. It's a miracle she survived," said associate professor, Jamie Seymour, from James Cook University, who has been working with box jellyfish for almost 20 years.

Rachel is happy to be alive. After six weeks in hospital she has been left with severe scarring on her legs and has difficulty with short term memory.

The venom of the box jellyfish is amongst the most deadly in the world. It has toxins that attack the heart, skin cells and the nervous system.

Seymour said, "These animals kill humans faster than any other venomous animal we know, so you're looking at two or three minutes and it's all over."

The venom is so powerfully painful that human victims usually go into shock and drown, or die of cardiac arrest.

Should a victim manage to survive through an attack, they suffer extreme pain for weeks and often have considerable scarring, on the affected parts of the body.

Box jellyfish are also called sea wasps, or marine stingers. Their normal habitat is the coastal waters off North Australia and all over the Indo-Pacific region.

They have up to 15, almost invisible tentacles spreading out from the cube-like bell. They can measure up to 10 feet long and have around 5,000 stinging cells, which are triggered by the presence of a chemical on the outer layer of its victim.

The box jellyfish is able to thrust itself through the water at around 4 knots, thus permitting it to actively hunt its target. They have clusters of six eyes on each of the four sides of the bell.

The fastest and most efficient manner of treating a jellyfish sting is to apply vinegar liberally and make sure the tentacles are carefully removed with a pair of tweezers.

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