reveals honesty is not the best policy for check-in-cheats

Published: Tue May 04 2010

According to new research from leading hotels accommodation website,, while many people have thought about it, two out of five (41%) Brits admit that they would be prepared to significantly bend the truth in order to secure special treatment or 'freebies' on holiday.

It might be the oldest trick in the book but almost half (41%) of the people polled would claim to be loved-up honeymooners in order to bag a free upgrade or even just a bottle of champagne.

However, despite being happy to tell a few untruths in order to get special treatments it does come at a cost to consciences as more than a quarter (28%) indicated they would at least feel a pang of guilt about their deceitfulness.

The research, probing peoples' honesty on holiday at home and abroad reveals more than a few unsavoury habits from a nation famed for its fairness.

Nearly two thirds of travellers (65%) are happy to keep quiet about missed charges on the bill clearly taking the view that as the customer it's the management's responsibility to keep track of such things. Whilst not owning up to a missed bar tab or movie charge is common practice, some Brits are prepared to be a little more creative when it comes to dodging the bill. One in 20 travellers (5%) admitted to topping up empty bottles from the mini bar with tap water in an attempt to save on extortionate charges. That's more guests (4%) than have been dishonest when enjoying an honesty bar.

When it comes to the freebies it seems many Brits just can't resist a little "memento" from their favourite hotel rooms. Many people become so fond of the creature comforts available in their room that they often find their way into suitcases and bags making the trip home. Half of holidaymakers (49%) confessed to removing items from their hotel room with dressing gowns, towels and slippers (2%) the most coveted.

Alison Couper, Communications Director,, said "Everyone loves that feeling of getting something for nothing. Similar to a great deal or bargain, a freebie on holiday can really make your stay. Clearly, some travellers know a few tricks to increase their chances of receiving extra special treatment - but we would always advocate that honesty is the best policy which is why we offer the best possible deals on hotel room prices available anywhere".


Notes to editors:

European research conducted online between 16 March and 30 March 2010. Total sample 1,639 across Europe (492 UK),

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