easyCar releases World Driving Report 2006 – the definitive guide to driving and car hire abroad

From: easyCar
Published: Mon Nov 20 2006

Leading car hire specialist, easyCar, has compiled the most comprehensive study of UK drivers’ perceptions of motoring abroad. With over 9 million Britons driving abroad each year the World Driving Report provides guidance and background knowledge of driving in countries across the world from those who have been there, done it and bought the furry dice.

The easyCar report shows that one in five UK holidaymakers will hire a car and drive in their chosen holiday location to experience and see more of the country that they are visiting. The World Driving Survey from easyCar.com provides a fascinating insight into the most visited locations, their facilities, rules, regulations and driving culture. The USA comes out top in terms of the best countries in which to drive with Canada coming a close second. North America, Australasia and the Northern European countries generally dominate the most popular and most enjoyable countries to drive through.

France is the most popular driving destination for UK holiday makers beating Spain into second place. Australia is highlighted as having the clearest and safest roads whilst those looking for an exciting driving holiday should head for Switzerland. The Netherlands comes out top for the attitude and behaviour of drivers while Germany and Italy are highlighted for their speedy motorists.

As well as providing useful statistics on the perceptions of British drivers abroad, the report also provides useful help, guidance and tips for those hiring a car on holiday such as the likely costs of motoring abroad, analysis of the driving culture and identifying specific driving laws and cultural norms throughout countries across the world.

easyGroup Chairman, Stelios, said: "I was personally surprised to see so many disparities between countries – but variety is the spice of life. The USA scores well across many of the league tables but every country has something special to offer – if you want speed, head to Germany. If you like your space, cruise through Australia and if you want friendly drivers, hit Holland. With renting a car abroad so affordable now, there’s no excuse for not giving it a go."

With car hire being more popular than ever before with UK tourists, the World Driving Survey arms holiday makers with prior knowledge of the country that they are set to visit to help ensure a more enjoyable and safe fly drive experience. With over 2,400 car hire locations in over 60 countries worldwide, the easyCar study draws perceptions and opinions from a wide range of holiday makers to form this comprehensive study of car hire and driving abroad.

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