OilandGasStockNews.com Reports: “Nevada - A North American Oil Hotbed in the Making.”

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Published: Tue Jun 21 2005

POINT ROBERTS, WA. June 21, 2005 – www.OilandGasStockNews.com (OGSN) a global investor website for the oil and gas industry, is pleased to feature an exclusive article on the growing potential of the Nevada area for massive oil discovery and production, "Nevada – A North American Oil Hotbed in the Making." According to recent data, and current discoveries, this area has the potential to become a North American oil hotbed. Exploring Nevada’s oil potential are companies such as Eden Energy Corp (OTCBB: EDNE), Faskin Oil and Ranch, and FX Energy Inc. (Nasdaq: FXEN).

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Article Excerpt: Nevada - A North American Oil Hotbed in the Making.

By Ann-Marie Fleming, www.OilandGasStockNews.com
June 2005

Oil discovery in Nevada has been hampered in the past by the lack of a detailed and precise geological survey. In fact, the State of Nevada is one of the only states that has never had a geological survey, which is why Dr. Alan Chamberlain, President of oil and gas exploration company Cedar Strat, has spent the past 25 years creating the first detailed geological map of Eastern Nevada, correcting and significantly expanding on the cursory maps completed in the seventies by the U.S. Geological Survey. With the lack of accurate mapping, Nevada has not been successfully explored for oil, but that is changing.

Until recently, little significant drilling had been completed in the Great Basin area of Eastern Nevada and Western Utah, which is why the near billion barrel discovery made by Wolverine Gas & Oil has opened the eyes of many, and established credibility for those companies already pursuing opportunities within the Great Basin area.

Several oil exploration firms are hoping to take advantage of this western potential for oil discovery through operations in Nevada. FX Energy Inc. (Nasdaq: FXEN) has made a small shallow discovery in Nevada’s Railroad Valley and plans to drill up to three additional exploratory wells in Nevada this year, and Eden Energy Corp (OTCBB: EDNE) is currently developing a 210,000 acre lease block in Eastern Nevada where they have 100% working interest in the block they call Noah.

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About Eden Energy Corporation (OTCBB: EDNE) has acquired 211,000 acres near Ely Nevada. This acreage encompasses the Noah Oil Prospect, a giant 53-mile long, seven mile wide linear anticline. It lies 15 miles to the southeast of the Blackburn oil field and 60 miles north of the Railroad Valley oilfield. At the Railroad Valley field one well, the Grant Canyon #4 produced over 4,000 Bopd for 15 years and was one of the most prolific onshore wells in US history.

About FX Energy Inc (Nasdaq: FXEN) engages in the exploration, development, and production of oil and gas primarily in the Republic of Poland. The company operates in two segments of the oil and gas industry, the Exploration and Production segment, and the Oilfield Services segment. Its activities in Poland are conducted in five project areas: Fences I, II, III, and Wilga. In the United States, the company produces oil from fields in Montana and Nevada. It operates the Cut Bank and Bears Den fields, and has an interest in the Rattlers Butte field in Montana. The company has an interest in the Trap Spring, Munson Ranch, and Bacon Flat field in Nevada. In Montana, through its drilling subsidiary, FX Drilling Company, Inc., the company performs various
third-party contract oilfield services, including drilling, workovers, location work, cementing, and acidizing. FX Energy has a strategic relationship with the Polish Oil and Gas Company. The company is based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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