At Hand Productions gets ready to release My Journal

From: At Hand Productions, Inc.
Published: Tue Jun 21 2005

Philadelphia’s At Hand Productions is getting ready to release its My Journal to the public. In At Hand Productions latest attempts to expand its repertoire, they will be adding their first operatic production to the list. My Journal is a venture into the world of Janice, a woman with multiple personalities was convicted of murder. The plot is based around psychology sessions. When Janice begins to speak of the various incidents that shape her life, her memories take shape on stage.

"I’ve always liked the operatic genre, but the opera has become cliché in the past years. Much of the standard repertoire that is out there is from the 19th century. And there might be some pieces from the 20th century. Even some of the productions that are current still tend to follow that path," says Andrew Hanna, CEO and production manager at At Hand Productions. "Much of my criticism of opera comes from Philly’s traditional stance on new productions. I think Philly is a good town to develop oneself, I hope that soon things will change in the art scene."

At Hand Productions officially began in January 2005 with its earliest origins dating back several years subsequent. It has set out to bring concerts and theatrical events to its audiences. Many of At Hand Productions' performances are designed by CEO and producer Andrew Hanna. Some of Hanna’s more known pieces include Prophecies of War, Values, and My Journal. At Hand Productions is unique for its use of collective arts to portray its themes. In Prophecies of War, one will hear progressive rock, fusion, and spoken word. Along with these musical elements, Prophecies of War uses video to give further depth to the production. My Journal, like Prophecies of War, uses much of the same elements, but unlike Prophecies of War, My Journal incorporates movement and speech into the scheme. Furthermore, My Journal uses an orchestra to create the musical atmosphere.

Andrew Hanna started to develop his collective art theories when he was in the conservatory. He noticed that much of the performance art was angular and in some cases lacked an underlying structure to portray its theme. "When I attended performance art events, it seemed as though much of what was going on in the production appeared almost haphazardly. There was little in the way of a production telling a story or having a sense of drive to it. What I did like was the use of new techniques, but that is about it."

Podcasters and CD lovers should keep their eye out for My Journal. Within the next two months, At Hand Productions will be making parts of My Journal available for Podcasting and the My Journal CD will appear at Internet CD stores. Interested persons are encouraged to go to At Hand Productions’ website to find out more about At Hand Productions and its repertoire. Furthermore, production companies and other interested persons can directly contact At Hand Productions concerning rentals and buying materials for their company.
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