INOZON introduces its beta search engine that aims to change the way we view the web and search for information.

[ClickPress, Sat Feb 26 2005] Los Angeles, CA February 24, 2005 -- Using advanced 3D technology, INOZON enables its users to search the Internet for products and information in a highly interactive and dynamic environment. The 3D platform, familiar to videogame players, is an innovative breakthrough in the search arena, giving INOZON a distinct advantage over its competitors.

3D technology enables INOZON to generate a block of results (usually 100 to 130 results) in a smaller file size than its competitor’s 10 results per page. INOZON places search results inside the 3D world, whether continuing a search or starting a new search query. Searchers can freely navigate INOZON with its user-friendly interface. When viewing results, they can move in multiple directions and quickly retrieve information from multiple search arenas – shopping networks, paid listing networks, directories, the web– all without exiting the environment.

Advertisers benefit from the 3D nature of INOZON by displaying 3D models of their products showing product details that can only be gauged by 3D examination. A multitude of advertisers can have unlimited voice advertisements played at selected locations in INOZON without interfering with each other.

Ashkan Bashy, founder of INOZON, saw an untapped need for a faster and more exciting search engine. “Searching for information has become a part of our daily life, and yet the full power of our computers and the Internet was not being harnessed by today’s search engines. With decreases in the cost of computing and increases in processing power and high-speed Internet access, INOZON is harnessing these new capabilities to revolutionize the search industry.”

He adds, “Study after study confirms that a high percentage of searchers do not look beyond the top five search results - not because the very first five results are the most relevant but because they become uninterested or they do not want to go through the inconvenience of loading up the next pages”.

To access the site, users are prompted upon their initial visit only to download a plug-in (BSContact VRML/X3D, 1 MB) that brings them to the gateway of a 3-dimensional world. Once inside, visitors may search directories, paid listing networks, shopping areas or the worldwide web.

INOZON Inc. is the first developer and provider of online services to consumers and businesses in a 3D environment. The company is dedicated to maximizing PC capabilities to provide solutions that connect merchants and consumers via highly interactive and cutting edge technology. INOZON solutions include pay-per-click listings, banner advertising, contextual advertising, voice advertising, video clip advertising, 3D animations and other types of offerings.

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