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From: Auction Resource Network
Published: Wed Jun 22 2005

The website was set up to provide a reliable source of information and tools for using eBay. EBay is awash with dubious informational ‘ebooks’ and money making schemes and the growth and depth of the eBay website can cause confusion to people. Reliable information on how to do well on eBay is in demand.

The website contains online guides to eBay selling written by full time eBay sellers and developed through extensive research and four years of practical business experience. The online guides are also fueled by questions and suggestions from readers. Unlike any printed book (which become dated) the guides are kept constantly up to date with the rapidly evolving world of eBay.

The selling guide allows new eBay users to get started in the best way, and concentrates on how to get the best out of eBay listing (using psychology, web design theory and sales techniques). The guides are suitable for everybody, from complete beginners to businesses and eBay PowerSellers.

The guides are clear, concise and comprehensive. Feedback from readers has been very positive, who have commented on the sensible, practical and realistic advice that it offers. Other visitors have reported feeling much more confident in using eBay having read the guides.

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