Fitness Entrepreneur’s New Product, Which Makes Inline Skating Safer And More Fun, Is On Sale For Th

From: LT Distributing
Published: Mon May 10 2010

Inline skating and roller skating are recognized by fitness professionals as one of the most effective ways to burn calories and increasing cardiovascular and respiratory fitness. No other exercise works the core, as well as shapes the glute, legs, and stomach muscles like inline

However, it’s also a highly injury-prone sport - or it was until fitness entrepreneur Thomas Demme developed the Skaters Coach.

The Skaters Coach is a wheeled device which provides stability and balance for inline and roller skaters of all ages.

"Skating is one of the most fun, effective ways to get fit, but so many people have fallen and suffered broken wrists and broken arms that it’s affected the popularity of the sport. Nobody wants to risk a serious injury and weeks of recovery," explained Demme.

That is why he developed the popular new Skaters Coach, which is already receiving rave reviews from fitness professionals. It allows skaters of any ability to gain from all the benefits of skating while remaining safe.

And because summer is just around the corner, Demme is offering a summer special, offering the Skaters Coach on sale for $349.00. The Skaters Coach is available online to make it easy for anyone to order.

"Skating weather is here now, and I’d really like to see as many people as possible be able to take advantage of this wonderful outdoor sport, without the risks and dangers involved," Demme explained.

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