New Earth Friendly Hotel Linens Save Money

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Published: Tue May 11 2010

Hotel operators and owners know that linens are an important part of their business. It’s hard to create an at-home feeling for guests without plush, designer bath towels and linens.

Not all commercial linens are created the same and it takes discerning purchasers to identify high-quality hotel bath linen and hotel bath towels. Microfiber fabrics are no strangers to the towel market, and while microfiber towels have been applauded for years in the industry for their longevity, superior cleaning, and non-lint attributes, the price tag held many people back.

As the economy and overall business climate has become more competitive people have begun to realize that a towel that lasts longer is a better investment. Initiatives to become an eco-friendly hotel have prompted many to reduce paper usage. Rising energy costs over the last several years have also made many people take a second look at microfiber and take the plunge, as microfiber doesn’t require near the energy to dry as an all cotton towel.

EcoGreenHotel Recognizes Monarch Bath, Bed & Spa
As a leader in providing luxury for guests, saving energy, conserving water and lowering laundry operational costs, the MONARCH ECO is a new line of hotel linens designed to conserve water and reduce energy costs in the laundry operation, while maximizing comfort and durability. The comprehensive line includes bathrobes, towels and bed sheets, making Monarch the first in the industry to offer a full range of eco-conscious hotel linens from one source.

"Our experience tells us that hoteliers are primarily concerned with guests’ perceptions, the product’s life cycle and energy usage when considering linen purchases," stated Gene Faul, CEO of Monarch Bath, Bed & Spa. "With our Eco line, it is no longer necessary to choose between luxury, durability and energy efficiency. Our Monarch Eco towels and robes are extremely soft and comfortable, but are substantially more absorbent and dry much faster than conventional cotton fabrications."

MONARCH ECO bathrobes are constructed from a Chamois microfiber fabric, which is

• Warm and soft as flannel
• Five times more absorbent
• Dries in one-third the time compared to cotton
• Extremely durable,
• Lasts longer than cotton or other synthetic fibers
• Retains softness, and
• Wrinkle resistant with virtually no stretching or shrinkage

MONARCH ECO MicroCotton® towels also minimize water and energy use in the laundry operation. Made from super-fine, Extra-Long Staple (ELS) cotton, the towels are160% bulkier and significantly more absorbent than traditional combed cotton towels of heavier weight. They save up to 30% in water consumption, use less detergent and take 10-20% less drying time, resulting in reduced operational costs while also reducing the environmental impact.

Best Part of All: Zero-Waste Manufacturing
The Eco MicroCotton towel is manufactured in a state-of-the-art, bio-waste powered, zero-discharge facility that produces no emission of effluents into the local water tables. The process also incorporates Control Union-certified, sustainable, eco-friendly dyes and chemicals to reduce impact on the environment.

Comphy sheets are the latest addition to the MONARCH ECO product line. Made from 100 percent recyclable polyester, Comphy sheets are designed to look and feel like 600-thread count cotton, and are guaranteed to last through a minimum of 300 wash and dry cycles. This superior durability represents a substantially longer life cycle than traditional cotton sheets of the same quality. In addition, Comphy is the only green hotel sheet developed by a company that is a member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council.

"With the new Monarch Eco line, we are setting a new standard in guest comfort that all eco-minded hoteliers should aspire to," said Faul. "We are dedicated to creating innovative bath linens that are as easy on the earth as they are on our green hotel clients’ bottom lines."

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