Preserphone Contact shields payphones from germs

From: French Technology Press Bureau (FTPB)
Published: Wed Jun 22 2005

Suitable for all types of handset, Preserphone Contact is effective in less than five minutes. The presence of one of the components of the bactericidal solution is, in vitro, sufficient assurance against the HIV virus (AIDS), stresses International Preserphone. In addition, even when the tablet is dry it continues to be fully effective as the compounds act by absorption. Preserphone can be thrown away after two months.

Installation and removal is carried out by simply pressing with thumb and index finger. Small and light, Preserphone Contact is supplied in a blister pack containing the holder box, a case and the tablet wrapped in protective film. Once placed in its case after use, it fits easily in a pocket or handbag, like a phone card. The product is distributed via the same channels as phone cards and prepaid mobile-phone cards.

Preserphone Contact complies with French standard AFNOR 72151 with regard to control of the effectiveness of antiseptics and has received the dermatological innocuity registration required by France’s Ministry of Health.

In the present context of the prevention of health risks (an increase in cases of tuberculosis, herpes, bird flu, etc.), Preserphone Contact is intended for all users of public of private telephones handled by a large number of people. It is also recommended for all travellers and tourists — especially those travelling to the tropics, where the risks of diseases caused by parasites are well known.

About International Preserphone

International Preserphone is based in north-western France. The company manufactures Preserphone Contact, which it distributes worldwide.

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