ELTA’s Argos data transmitters handle hostile environments

From: French Technology Press Bureau (FTPB)
Published: Wed Jun 22 2005

The new-generation Argos HAL-2 (High Accuracy Locator) transmitter has an excellent and reliable frequency stability, making it possible to pinpoint objects to an accuracy of between 300 metres and 400 metres. The VHAL-2 (Very High Accuracy Locator) transmitter is fitted with an integrated GPS device. It enables even more accurate pinpointing, to within a few metres, while at the same time retaining the same general characteristics and overall performance as the HAL-2.
The HAL-2 and VHAL-2 have an exceptional frequency stability. Owing to their very low electric-power consumption (less than 50µA), highly elaborate miniaturisation and sturdiness, this new range can be adapted to all environmental applications, even the most demanding and critical.

As a former Argos data-collecting platform (DCP) manufacturer, ELTA took into consideration all the requirements of DCP integrators and users during the design phase of its new transmitters. These products are virtually compatible so as to be able to be integrated into any data-collecting system, i.e. a data-collecting platform (meteorological, hydrological, seismological, volcano monitoring), collecting or transmission system, mobile-device tracking solution, and so on.

ELTA is seeking commercial partners to distribute its Argos transmitters internationally, in particular distributors whose customers are integrators or solutions providers for mobile-device tracking, monitoring of the environment, industrial risk management and/or data collection in hostile environments.

About the Argos system

The Argos system is a worldwide system for locating and collecting data by satellite. It is related to satellite-positioning systems such as GPS. The main difference comes from the fact that the position of the mobile devices (Argos beacons) is known to the system (data-processing centres) and not to the mobile devices themselves, as is the case with GPS. This system is intended for environmental applications.

Argos is able to pinpoint any mobile device fitted with an Argos transmitter with an accuracy of under 300 metres (at sea: meteorological buoys, animals, fishing boats, containers, etc.; on the ground: containers, lorries, trains, people, etc.; in the air: balloons, stratospheric probes, animals, etc.). It also enables data transmitted by sensors connected to the transmitter (temperature of a container, impact, vibration, humidity, toxic fumes, explosions, leaks, rainfall measurements, wind speed, etc.) to be retrieved.

About ELTA

Located in Blagnac, near Toulouse in south-west France, ELTA has, since 1975, been developing, marketing and maintaining operational electronic equipment systems for severe environments. Building its whole reputation around high-level safety equipment, Elta has been able to win a place as a leader on the world markets. The aeronautics and space markets represent 50% of the company’s sales figures, the other 50% coming from the defence, rail transport and energy markets.

ELTA is a subsidiary of TECHNICATOME, a business unit of the AREVA group, which holds 66% of the capital, and of German group OHB Technology, which holds 34%.
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