Lakewood Chiropractic (Lakewood, CA) Releases Free Guide to Chiropractic Care

From: AIM Marketing
Published: Wed May 12 2010

Lakewood Chiropractic continues to encounter people who are confused or simply unfamiliar with the benefits of good, regular chiropractic care. To directly address the questions these people raise, the decision was made to release the Guide to Chiropractic Care and provide it free of charge to all.
The free guide just released offers answers to questions a first-time patient would want to know about seeking chiropractic care. A quick read of the guide prepares the reader to ask intelligent questions when they make their initial contact with a chiropractor’s office. It will also equip them to understand some of the medical and anatomy terminology they may hear from the doctor or the staff.
"With the release of this guide, we sought to overcome the typical concerns a person might have when first seeking chiropractic care," said April Tourneau, Director of PR. She continues, "Some topics covered include ‘How Your Back Works and Why It Hurts’, ‘7 Ways to Avoid Back Pain’, ‘Wellness Secrets of Chiropractors’, ‘Techniques And Tools Of The Chiropractic Trade’, ‘Conditions Commonly Treated By Chiropractors’, ‘Headaches Can Be A Pain In The Back’, ‘Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - More Than Just A Nuisance’ and ‘Is Your Child Being Harmed by a Backpack?’ And that barely scratches the surface."
Ms. Tourneau added, "Even though the guide is fairly short and concise, it covers all major areas of the anatomy that are addressed by chiropractic care. Plus, all age groups – from children to senior citizens will find their most frequently-asked questions (FAQs) addressed. Athletes, from occasional yoga students to professional athletes will find help here, too. And that help includes not merely chiropractic care, but also preventative steps they can take in their everyday life to maximize health and minimize the chances of injury. Because back pain, neck pain and headaches are so common, many people will find help they are looking for in the Guide."
In conclusion, Ms. Tourneau said, "Our sincere hope is that many will find the information we have provided useful in making the decision to seek a qualified professional to address their health issues. And by providing this information free of charge to all, we hope we reach as many individuals as possible to relieve their pain and suffering."
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