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From: MMI Public Relations
Published: Wed May 12 2010

Former NFL tight end, Alex Semenik has launched his newest business venture called Athlete Marketing Systems (AMS) ( Semenik spent the last 12 years helping high school athletes train to play at the next level. During his tenure as a professional trainer Alex has developed unique and powerful systems for athlete training, nutrition and recruiting. The website is a place where high school athletes can access training, nutritional and recruiting systems online through a secured member area. Additionally, athletes can post their profiles on the site home page for increased exposure. AMS is a partnership between Semenik and Phoenix area entrepreneur Josh Wagner.

As the landscape of college athletics has gotten more competitive and tuition prices are on the rise many parents find themselves searching for ways to save money on college for their kids. Many times parents look at their kid’s involvement in athletics as a golden ticket. While the high school athlete with the talent to earn a full ride Division 1 Scholarship to Duke to play basketball is rare, there are options out there for kids to play their sport at a collegiate level and earn some help with their tuition as well. AMS was developed to fill that void. AMS uses a holistic approach to helping student athletes realize their dreams of playing in college. AMS starts by building the proper foundation through proper training and nutrition. As play on the field begins to improve as a result of AMS training and nutritional systems the athlete is able to utilize the recruiting guide to market themselves to prospective recruiters and coaches.

"Recruiting is easy for the "blue chipper," It is the rest of the kids who work hard and treat their body right that need to know there are options out there for them," said AMS partner, Josh Wagner.


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- For years recruiting companies have charged student athletes hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars for recruiting services claiming to make contact with every coach and recruiter out there.
- AMS is a low cost alternative, giving the student athlete and their family the ability to take matters into their own hands by using a strategic rifle approach to the recruiting process.

Athlete Marketing Systems LLC is located in Phoenix, Arizona and is owned and operated by partners Alex Semenik and Josh Wagner. AMS business is conducted primarily online through a membership driven e-commerce website, Athlete Marketing Systems provides athletes with resources online to help high school athletes earn scholarship and grant money play at the collegiate level. For more information visit,


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