EU and Ukraine Enhance Cooperation in Alternative Energy Production

Published: Wed May 12 2010

According to information provided by RBK-Ukraine, EU increases the amount of biogas production by 20% per year. In half of the cases, fumes of city dumpsters serve as the source for biogas production. Meanwhile biogas plants for recycling of organic waste, employed by EU countries, are developed and designed in Ukraine, such as biogas projects by “EcoGen SIA” (Latvia). Furthermore, European countries outside EU also seek the benefits of working with Ukrainian experts. Biogas plant to be constructed in Moldova by Ukrainian construction company “ZORG Ukraine” is going to be among the country’s largest.

In course of the first few days of 2010, “ZORG Ukraine” signed two new contracts for construction of biogas plants with Latvian company “EcoGen SIA.” “EcoGen SIA” is already in possession of one biogas plant, built by “ZORG Ukraine” in 2009. Its electrical capacity reaches 1 MW. As planned, two new biogas plants will use corn silo and grain and will have the capacities of 1 MW and 0,5 MW. “ZORG Ukraine” is currently developing an engineering plan for biogas plants. The dates for the construction work have not yet been established.

In February 2010, Moldavian company “BioEnergAgro” singed a 10 mln. Euro contract with “ZORG Ukraine” for construction of a biogas plant. The plant will process 320 tons of corn silo per day. Biogas will then be purified to the stage of natural gas according to GOST 5542-87. “BioEnergAgro” plans to supply 16 mln. m3 of methane into national gas pipeline network per year.

Ukrainian biogas market has the potential of 25-30 milliards Euro. Due to a number of biogas plants, built by Ukrainian experts in course of 2009, the dynamic growth of alternative energy production in Ukraine is currently higher in comparison to any country, member of European Union. At this point, the sales turnover of Ukrainian biogas companies is relatively limited â€" around 3-4 mln. Euro, yet experts claim, in 2011 total cost of biogas plants in the process of construction will be 50-70 mln. Euro per annum.

About ZORG:

ZORG executes full range of engineering services within biogas industry. The company designs and builds biogas plants under German state-of-art technology and know-how license.

ZORG works on a global scale: company’s projects have been successfully implemented in Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Latvia, and Turkey.

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