Weird Car Crashes

Unfortunately seeing cars caught up in crash scenes has become a familiar sight to all of us. Some car crashes however, are much more bizarre than others.

Six stories up in an Oklahoma parking lot, the back of a car suddenly appeared through the brick wall.

The sixty-seven year old driver of a white coloured Mercedes apparently got his foot stuck beneath the accelerator pedal and shot backwards across the parking lot. He not only banged into the outer wall, but broke through it and continued on, until the rear end of the car was left suspended high over the street below.

Vehicles parked outside the building, were also damaged as falling debri dropped down on them. One vehicle had its back window completely smashed in.

Corporal David Crow, from the Tulsa Police Department said it was fortunate there were no pedestrians outside the building at the time.

The driver of a white Fairlane car ran over a nature strip in Melbourne, Australia, landing on top of a family car that contained three children and their mother, as they sat waiting at a Red Rooster fast food outlet.

Paramedics had to release the children and their mother from their vehicle.
The impact of the collision jammed the woman’s silver Ford sedan into the back of a silver Mercedes that was also waiting in the drive-through lane at the time.

The driver of a New York tow truck slammed into a car and crashed into a swimming pool. He had been texting on one cell phone will talking on another.

Sideswiping a house at around 3am, a 20-year-old woman lost control on the streets of Arrowtown, after plowing her vehicle through the fence of a residential property, outside Buffalo.

The bizarre accident saw the four-wheel drive pirouette 180 degrees, destroy a garden shed and a concrete barbeque, then finally come to a standstill with a perfect landing in a frozen swimming pool.

Arrowtown Fire officer, Garry Hall, says the woman was fortunate to survive after nearly being impaled by a piece of timber through her windshield.

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