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Allied Forces finally discovered the victims of the Nazi death camps of World War II. President Dwight D. Eisenhower immediately ordered that as many films and photographs as possible to be taken. He also commanded that the local German population from the surrounding cities be taken to the concentration camps to see the horror for themselves.

Eisenhower expressed that it was essential to collect as much facts, films and eye-witness testimonies as they could, for he insisted the day would come when "Someone would say that 6 million Jews were not killed."

Sixty years later, England has erased all reference to the Holocaust from the British School curriculum, because it offended the Muslim population’s belief that the Holocaust never took place.

The Iranian leader, President Nahmoud Ahmadinejad openly declared the Nazi Holocaust a European Jewry ‘myth’, as he stepped up his anti-Israel rhetoric in 2005.

Germany's foreign minister criticized Mr Ahmadinejad's remarks as "shocking and unacceptable" and advised they could have an effect on negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program.

The EU repeated its denunciation of Mr Ahmadinejad's position, saying it had no place in civilized political debate.

Iranian and European Holocaust deniers are given rock star status in Iran and the Arab world. The longest standing opponent to the Holocaust, Robert Faurisson, often called ‘The Dean of Deniers’, first denied accounts of the gas chambers in the 1970’s. He asserted they were only used to incinerate bodies of already dead people, out of anxiety for the spread of disease and infection in the area.

After bringing an unsuccessful libel case against the American Historian Deborah Lipstadt and Penguine Books in 1996, English writer of 30 books, David Irving, specializing in the military history of World War II, served an 11 month prison sentence in 2006. The court disclosed that Irving was an active Holocaust denier, antisemite and racist, 'who connects with right-wing extremists who promote neo-Nazism’. He had for his own ideological purposes persistently misrepresented and manipulated historical evidence.

A tumult exploded in the Vatican in 2009, provisionally closing Our Lady of Corredentora catholic seminary, Buenos Aires, over anti-holocaust comments by a British priest, Bishop Williamson. Some German and Austrian clerics, plus seething discontents in the French church, made their objections clear. They were appalled by Williamson's claim that "only" 300,000 Jews had been murdered by the Nazis.

To begin with, the deniers were reluctant to openly declare that mass killings did not take place – they did not have enough courage. Instead, they tried to "minimize the number of victims, to deny the existence of an overall plan, to place responsibility on individuals among the German people, and the like." Through the years however, they have become more focused, solidified and determined to thrust their views into the mainstream.

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