Fat Boy Mattresses Now Available At Beds Direct

From: Beds Direct
Published: Mon May 17 2010

Leading UK online retailer of top quality beds, mattresses, futons and accessories, Beds Direct now have a range of Fat Boy mattresses available to buy through their website at affordable prices.

Fat Boy mattresses are designed for people who are especially active during their daily lives and need a powerful full night's recuperation at the end of the day. Currently available through Beds Direct are the Fat Boy Noir Mattress, the Fat Boy Chilli Mattress and the Fat Boy Purple Mattress. Fat Boy is described as a performance mattress for performance people, designed with unique spring systems for incredible full-body support.

The Fat Boy Noir is full of positive energy and has a supportive orthopaedic spring system, is 30cm thick, has Cool Plus temperature regulation, super-fat comfort layers and a sumptuous sleeping surface. The Fat Boy Chilli is 32cm thick and contains 1,000 individually pocketed springs. Also temperature regulated; it offers head-to-toe support, pressure-relieving memory foam and a soft sleeping surface. The Fat Boy Purple also contains 1,000 pocketed springs yet is more slender than the Chilli at 30cm thick. Also offering head-to-toe comfort and temperature control, it comes with no roll together and is one of the most supportive mattresses available on the market today.

"Fat Boys are the perfect mattresses for people who are strenuously active during their day-to-day lives and need a soothing surface that will help take away their aches overnight," states Colin Montgomery of Beds Direct. "They're the perfect measure to help you relax in the evening and recuperate and we currently stock three different varieties through Beds Direct, and you can view them all by browsing our website."

To find out more about Beds Direct's new range of Fat Boy mattresses and their other products, please go to http://www.bedsdirect.com/ or call 0124 467 1188.
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