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From: Climachill
Published: Mon May 17 2010

Air conditioning has a huge impact on work, culture, and social life on every level, and most people are not aware of the benefits of the simple portable air conditioner for our health. Many conditions limit the body to regulate temperature, such as obesity, dehydration, heart disease, poor circulation, but in the summer months it is the elderly that suffer with heat exhaustion and heat strokes.

A case for purchasing a portable air conditioning system is strong, simply because they are ‘portable’ and are moveable units that can be used to cool any area, the choices are endless, either use to enhance the cooling effect of a room, office basement, or use as backup to a central air conditioning system and is commonly used in this way for direct cooling of delicate equipment in places such as IT server rooms.

There is no end to the vast uses of a portable air conditioning unit, they are so flexible, with no fuss or hassle of installation, and in the heat of the summer they can be of great benefit for the cooling of caravans, houseboats, holiday homes, log cabins, furthermore as summers get hotter and hotter in the UK how wonderful to have a portable air conditioner to take on holiday with you in your touring caravan or motorhome, especially if you travel out of the UK, where temperatures really soar, but you are OK, you can sleep at night, because you have your trusted portable air conditioning.

Climachill leading Air Conditioning and Electrical Contractors in Sussex, are top of their game when it comes to all things air conditioning, either installed air conditioning, or portable air conditioning systems, Climachill definitely advocate the purchase of portable air conditioners, purely because technological advances have produced the ‘self evaporating water recycling’ this simply means the unit re-uses approximately 75% of the water it creates, also the system runs much more efficiently as it re-uses the water to aid in the cooling process.

If you are in the market for a portable air conditioning system, you can choose either cool only, or cool and heat, currently, at prices you would not believe. Climachill have the lowest prices on the Web, and if you find the same unit at a lower price they will beat it. A portable air conditioner is your best summer buy, having said that, you will not store it away in the winter, with technology as it is today, these units are so versatile they can be used whatever the temperature out there.

A spokesman for Climachill said "we are a family run business and the customer can trust us to solve all their air conditioning needs, we do supply portable air conditioners and air conditioning nationwide, and we bring air conditioning solutions to your home or workplace at very affordable prices and we certainly do not compromise on quality".

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