MJ Impulse Specialty Eyewear Company Find Fans with Professional Athletes

From: Prana Marketing
Published: Mon May 17 2010

Most athletes want to shed their eyewear when training, but there are those who are discovering that wearing glasses can actually make them better athletes. That’s if they are wearing a new revolutionary technology eyewear by MJ Impulse. These patented made strobe glasses are a training tool that improves the way athletes visually perform.

The basic premise of the glasses is to stress or load the visual perceptual, visual motor and visual proprioceptive systems during training so that the athlete can be better prepared for competition.

"Athletes have trained using strobe lights in dark rooms for many years," said MJ Impulse CEO Ben White". However, the athletes were confined to small training areas. Our glasses allow athletes, for the first time ever, to work out in real time and in real training scenarios."

The glasses help athletes achieve better visual concentration, eye-hand coordination and proprioceptive balance. With consistent training of at least three times a week, athletes typically see improvement within 5 to 7 weeks.

"The Impulse strobe glasses should be in every athlete and coaches training bag," said Ophthalmologist Dr. Tom Wilson. "No other single tool can have such a positive influence on athletic performance.
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