Green by Design Minimizes Summer Wardrobe to Just Ten Pieces and Asks Readers to Do the Same

From: Green by Design
Published: Tue May 18 2010, Bay Area eco-fashion online publication, covers the sustainable fashion industry with integrity, depth and a commitment to featuring only truly beautiful, innovative and sustainable design. Green By Design features the latest sustainable fashion news, in-depth exclusive interviews with green fashion designers, and the crème de la crème of sustainable fashion products. The ethos of the site goes deeper than promotion of brands, however. Readers of Green By Design rely on the site for information and guidance on how to chance their own fashion consumption to be more conscientious and informed.

Part of approaching fashion sustainably is consuming less. This summer, Green by Design is taking the commitment to consume less a step further. Inspired by Earth Day, Green by Design issued a challenge to its readers to pick just ten garments (accessories and underthings not included, of course) and wear only those garments the entire summer: 10 pieces for 91 days. The challenge officially begins on the 21st of June and ends the 22nd of September.

Celestyna Brozek, the editor-in-chief of Green By Design, will undertake the challenge, and document her insights, tips and trials along the way. Joining her will be Brad Bennett of Commerce With A Conscience ( who will contribute a bi-weekly male perspective. [For readers who are wary of such a long commitment, the “lite” version is 10 pieces for 1 vacation]

Summer is a time of simplicity and carefree days. It is Green By Design's hope that those who join the challenge will gain a better understanding of their signature look and style, allowing them to shop smarter with a keener eye for pieces they’ll truly love in the future. Green By Design's Summer Light Challenge is about consuming less, making do with what one has, simplifying one's daily fashion equation and identifying the “most valuable players” of one's closet.

Celestyna and Brad will post about their experiences on the website (, the SLC auxilliary blog ( and the Facebook page ( as well as reveal their 10 items and the 91 ensembles that result from their various combinations. They'll give helpful hints on how to get the most out of just 10 pieces, and share the insights they gain as well as the challenges they encounter when faced with such a minimal wardrobe.

Once the challenge officially begins, in addition to Celestyna and Brad's posts, every week Green by Design will reveal a gorgeous poster designed just for the GBD SLC by artists to keep the participants motivated and inspired. Prior to the commencement of the challenge, Celestyna will reveal her 10 pieces one by one and give advice to readers on how to pick theirs. Interested participants should join the facebook page: Designers and artists interested in submitting posters should visit for more details.

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