Are Modern Vacuum Cleaners Really Better?

From: SpareSaver USA
Published: Fri May 21 2010

Upright vacuum cleaners have improved over the years and still offer the ultimate in convenience and capability as lightweight models become ever more affordable. Regularly vacuuming has many benefits, including better hygiene and overall cleanliness, so regularly vacuuming your house is essential.

Modern upright vacuum cleaners come in all shapes, sizes and prices. Here are two models from our range, one for the budget conscious and one for ultimate vacuuming power.

On the budget side the Evolution Lite upright vacuum cleaner has all the features of a full-size upright cleaner but without the weight. The Evolution Lite comes with essential technological features such as a six stage filtration system and a HEPA Media Filter, which is fantastic at removing allergens, pollutants and irritants. With an advanced vacuum system, the cleaner channels dust and dirt particles directly into the dirt bag; this protects the motor and fan.

The Evolution Lite is lightweight yet powerful, weighing only 11 lb. Its compact size allows it to be stored easily, even in the smallest of apartments, while an advanced bypass motor system makes it strong enough to handle the largest of homes. Automatic carpet adjustment sets the proper settings for carpet of just about any height.

If you have a little more to spend, the Hoover UH30010COM Platinum is a great choice. This machine removes more dirt in a single pass than any other lightweight, bagged vacuum cleaner. Combining direct air-flow technology with patented Windtunnel Technology this machines assures fast, efficient results while only weighing 12 pounds.

User friendly features include illuminated fingertip controls; to make turning the power on and off easier, as well as a quick-release, self-sealing bag that prevents dirt puffs. The cleaner’s check-bag indicator even lights up when the bag needs to be changed. The machine also has a comfortable D-shaped handle, a lifetime LED headlight and a 35 foot power cord.

The Hoover UH30010COM Platinum features a powerful 12 amp motor, a 14" nozzle, automatic carpet height adjustment and edge-cleaning brushes. On top of that the vacuum cleaner comes with a canister vacuum for above-the-floor vacuuming and for bare floor surfaces. You can attach your choice of a bare-floor brush, crevice tool and dusting/furniture brush to the telescopic extension wand for detailed cleaning throughout the house.

Included with the cleaner is a best in class six year warranty, a Type Q upright HEPA bag, a Type I portable canister HEPA bag as well as a user manual for the upright and the canister.

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