Hole Dug In Wrong Back Yard

Workmen scampered from an Australian back yard, where they were digging the start of a swimming pool.

After receiving a call from his real estate, Peter Collard of Brisbane, was urged to rush home because two men were digging in his yard. He had the property on the market.

"I rushed home," Collard said, "To find this huge mess and about $20,000 (U.S. $17,700) worth of damage. These guys obviously knew there was something up and took off."

Collard appealed to neighbors to come forward if they recently arranged to have a pool dug in their yard. He said his insurance is not covering the damage and so he needs try to track down the perpetrators.

After bulldozers tore down half her family's long-time home in April 2010, Francis Howard, 69, of Denton, Texas, was attempting to work out what to do.

One of the workers suddenly realized they were meant to be pulling down the house across the street.

The owner of the house that the crew was meant to demolish , was ordered in January to repair the structure, city records revealed. Otherwise the building would be torn down because of junked vehicles, unkempt lawns, outdoor storage and failure to look after the home.

The utilities of gas, water and electricity were still connected. Jarius, the dozer driver, didn't even obtained permits for the house across the street until after he had destroyed Francis’ family home.

Howard could now have the basis for asking for an extension to the repairs the City officials had also ordered her to make by July 15.

In August 2009 a Tiki Island man, Galveston, claims workers mistakenly commenced roof repairs on his house, while he was out of town and then left his home exposed to the elements when they realized their error.

Rice claims the un-shingled roof allowed water and debris to enter his home, ruining the interior. He says by that the time Galveston Flooring realized it had made a mistake, a large section of his roof had been stripped of shingles, but they did nothing to correct the error. He insists the ordeal caused him a high degree of mental pain and distress as he was temporarily displaced.

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