Edcomm Banker’s Academy Updates Cultural Sensitivity Training Program for 2010

From: Edcomm Banker’s Academy
Published: Mon May 24 2010

Edcomm Banker’s Academy has made recent updates to its Cultural Sensitivity training program for 2010. Focus on Cultural Sensitivity has been revised as part of Edcomm Banker’s Academy’s ongoing commitment to providing the most up-to-date and pertinent financial services information as the banking industry enters a new decade.

A fair and respectful workplace is the hallmark of a modern and productive organization. Successful businesses welcome diverse personnel and maintain a fair and respectful workplace to reap the benefits of fresh perspectives and increased vitality. With the benefits of a diverse organization, there are also risks associated with the multitudes of cultures with different beliefs, standards for communication and other stereotypes. Through training, employees will learn how to recognize the differences in their diverse workforce and how to be understanding and work through those differences to maximize the productivity of the organization.

Focus on Cultural Sensitivity teaches every employee at a Bank, Credit Union or Money Services Business (MSB) how to respond to and interact with different cultures in their workplace. The program provides a detailed explanation of diversity and explains what it means to have diverse employees and work in a diverse organization. Focus on Cultural Sensitivity covers how to create a fair and respectful workplace and how to communicate across cultures by teaching students to understand and use correct body language, use appropriate behavior, create a common understanding, act professional, and much more.

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