Analyst Claims Some Phone Companies Intentionally Over-bill Customers

Published: Fri Jun 24 2005

DOYLESTOWN, Penn. A consultant who analyzes phone bills for numerous clients reports that he sees the same errors so often that he believes phone companies may intentionally allow errors to occur.

"I see one client after another with the same phone company, and the same errors show up on all the bills. That tells me phone companies have a policy of not fixing errors they know exist. They wait for a customer to complain and then they make a refund. The majority of companies never notice the errors and the phone company makes an extra profit," explained Frank Stoczko, president and founder of Team NCTY.

Phone bills tend to be confusing and lengthy, making it difficult for most companies to determine if there are errors so most do not even try to figure it out. Stoczko does the work for them, and only gets paid as a percentage of the refund he gets for them.

"Most companies keep close tabs on labor costs, but few take the time to scrutinize their communications expenses the way they analyze their labor costs," explained Frank Stoczko of Team NCTY. "Most business managers look at a phone bill, shrug their shoulders, and authorize the bill to be paid without another thought. They just assume it must be right. Unfortunately it is wrong most of the time and they are paying too much every month."

It is possible to find errors on past and current bills and then get a complete refund, but it takes a trained eye to spot the mistakes. Stoczko said that after 17 years the mistakes are easy for him to find.

"It is not just a matter of finding the mistakes," he explained. "The phone companies will not even consider a refund unless you know how to present your findings, and how to negotiate for reimbursement."

Recently Stoczko saved one of his clients 72 percent on his cellular phone and 57 percent will continue to be saved in future years. He said his most recent clients saved 20 to 49 percent by using his services.

Stoczko is not associated with any telecom vendors and does not try to sell clients new services. He is an independent consultant and provides more information on his web site at www.LowerPhoneBills.netT.

About Team NCTY
The name Team NCTY is an acronym for Telecom Expense Analysis Management No Cost To You, which is exacty what the company does for clients nation wide. Created by Frank Stoczko, Team NCTY has the ability to recover for client companies significant funds that would otherwise be lost forever. Stoczko has over 17 years of experience finding errors on telecommunications billing that his clients were unaware were even there.

Frank Stoczko

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