Older Americans Find Small Movers

From: Transit Systems, Inc.
Published: Thu Nov 30 2006

Older Americans can’t always take it with them – not their furniture or other household items, that is. Today, when many older Americans are downsizing their lives by moving to smaller homes in senior adult communities, they’re often left wondering what to do with their valuable or beloved living room furniture, dining room set, bedroom set, antiques or other items. They want to hire a reputable and reliable furniture mover.

The solution? Many seniors send family items to children, grandchildren or friends who may live out of state. But they don’t want to pay a full-load mover. So instead they contact a small move specialist such as TSI (www.transitsystems.com).

Small move specialists will move a single sofa or a room full of furniture more cheaply than a full-load mover. They combine multiple shipments on one truck to reduce cost.

Small, long distance movers provide a full furniture moving service in every respect – professional furniture movers, inside pickup and delivery and blanket wrapping – but the cost is hundreds or even thousands of dollars lower than a full-load mover charges.

This is a time of transition for the aging population. According to the UN Assembly, older persons will outnumber younger persons worldwide by the year 2050 for the first time in history. Seniors need a long distance, furniture mover who will safely deliver their items – and their memories – where they need to go. And at a cost that doesn’t cause more gray hairs.

If you would like to learn more about moving large items, furniture moving and shipping boxes, search online (Google keyword: ship furniture) or visit www.transitsystems.com.


TSI is a full service mover based in Philadelphia, PA. For over 17 years they have been serving clients across the US. TSI was named in 2005 and 2006 to the "Philadelphia 100" as one of fastest growing companies in the region. For more information contact Heather Hukow at 610-535-4921.

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