Powered By Tshirts Ramps Up New E-Commerce Site

From: Powered By Tshirts
Published: Sun Jun 26 2005

Thanks to internet culture, the phrase "powered by" now sees common usage in everyday conversation, whether it refers to an online service being used for a website, for describing what kind of fuel makes your car go, or for telling the world what really makes your life worth living. Combine this with the world's ever-popular obsession with t-shirts, and you've got "Powered By T-shirts"!

Designs run the gamut from food and drink themes like "Powered By Donuts" and "Powered By Wine", to attitude themes such as "Powered By Delusions of Grandeur" and "Powered By Sarcasm", to more concrete ideas such as "Powered By Biodiesel" or "Powered By Methane". And of course, there's the just plain weird ideas, like "Powered By Monkeys" or "Powered By Sexual Innuendo". And don't forget the original, "Powered By Tshirts", for the t-shirt fanatic or collector! Each design is available on a wide selection of t-shirts and sweatshirts for men and women, as well as refrigerator magnets, pin-on buttons, and bumper stickers.

With an almost overwhelming potential for t-shirt designs, Powered By T-shirts is adding new selections to its inventory every week. Just ask the question, "What powers you?" - the answers are practically infinite. Don't see what powers you on the poweredbytshirts.com website yet? Send an email to the shopowners and they'll do the rest!

Powered By Tshirts is the brain child of John J. McNally and Kristen N. Fox. And the order fulfillment aspect of Powered By Tshirts is "powered by" Webby Award Winning CafePress.com!
Company: Powered By Tshirts
Contact Name: Kristen Fox, John McNally
Contact Email: contact@poweredbytshirts.com
Contact Phone: 831-628-3923

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